DIY Gallery is pleased to present Making War curated by Los Angeles based Cassandra Simon. Featuring works by Lisa Bulawsky, Corey Escoto, Danny Gibson, Michael Krueger, Jason Peters, Endi Poskovic, Jason Redwood, Travis Russell, Cassandra Simon, and Gareth Stehr, the exhibition reflects the current resurgence of late 1960s and ‘70s culture both musically and aesthetically. Although many are embracing the audio and visual contributions of that time era, it is a complacent embrace. In ways, our current political situation in the Middle East parallels that of the Vietnam War, but the protest seen and felt in the music and art of that time is lacking now. In this exhibition the influence of that time era is felt and the complacent attitude and “lack” of protest of the present is acknowledged. Proceeds of all sales will go towards ongoing loans through